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Wittmannsgereuther-Straße, 07318 Saalfeld / Saale, GERMANY
+49 3671 - 8200
Stolleneingang Mellestollen


There is a lot to discover on the premises of the hotel.
From the animal enclosure with our lovely donkeys, sheep and the pony Fritz
over the tunnel entrances, adventure playground and of course a lot of nature.

unsere Esel
unser Pony Fritz
stolleneingang mellestollen
Bowlingbahn Saalfeld - Hotel Mellestollen


Enjoy Bowling as great experience next to the Visitor’s Mine!

Of course, you can bring your own equipment (shoes and bowls) or borrow them from us. Beverage is included in booking.

Two fields including beverage.

Please book via phone +49 3671 8200
or via e-mail: info@mellestollen.de

Bowling Saalfeld

Explore the surroundings

There are also some sights worth seeing in our immediate surroundings.
Castles, museums, towers, mountain and Oberlandbahn and of course: a lot of nature.

The destinations can be reached by car in 15 to 40 minutes.

Heidecksburg Rudolstadt Heidecksburg Rudolstadt
Wasserschloss Kochberg surge chamber Kochberg
Froebelmuseum Oberweissbach Froebel Museum Oberweissbach
Oberlandbahn Cursdorf regional railway
Schwarzawehr Bad Blankenburg Bad Blankenburg
Schwarzatal Seeing in Schwarzavalley
Schwarzatal conservation area Schwarzavalley
Schwarzatal Hiking in Schwarzavalley
Greifenstein Bad Blankenburg