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Something impressive, gracile, mystic is covered with branches in the forest. In a silent night you can hear it whisper: the cold breeze coming up from the mountains down to the valley.

Following the cool air, you pass a trail up to a small place where you find two iron wagons on a rail line, symbolizing the hard miners’ work 100 years ago. The rail line leads into the mountain’s entrance you can hardly recognize what is was like to earn your living on iron ore mine.

Today at this place a small and wonderful world of fairytales has its beginning.


Closed in 1969, the former iron ore mine can be visited today. Be fascinated by the blue and green shimmering mine lake in the mountain or minerals in the mountain walls. Do not hesitate to contact us for booking a guided visitor’s tour.

Finally the idea came up to build a visitor mine for our hotel guests. The front part of the so-called Hopfgarten was "newly" developed - the entrance area was opened for inspection.

Unterirdischer See

Everywhere it drips from above. Water collects in individual passages, so that even a lake has formed. The water turns a soft green due to the colour of the rock. The hotel is supplied with this water, which should be a great relief.

Old, left behind iron pipes, tools and supports meet us during our journey in the underground, next to a crossroads where two tunnels cross. Have you become curious? Then make an appointment to see the gallery.

Hammer im Hopfgartenstollen